Your Materials. Our Equipment.

Toll processing is the fastest and easiest way to process a finished product. Send us your materials and we’ll use our extensive state of-the art equipment to process it to your exact specifications. It’s that simple!

Toll Process Your Distillate And Isolate Into Water-Soluble

We toll process your distillate or isolate to water-soluble powders and liquid emulsions. If you pursue rare cannabinoid conversions to water-soluble, we can help! Our chemists have a deep background working with CBG, CBN, and CBC, converting these cannabinoids into workable and very marketable water-soluble solutions.

Morando’s toll processing capabilities include:

  • Ultra Sound Nano sizing liquid emulsions
  • Encapsulation & Spray Drying Products
  • GMP Manufacturing & Packaging
  • Product Development
  • Third party laboratory testing allows for a quick turnaround to provide you with the necessary information.